• Johnny Sampson
  • And it’s one, two, three strikes you’re out again, starting today.

It’s chilly, but so what? Baseball is back.

The Cubs take on the Pirates in Pittsburgh at 12:35 PM. The White Sox host the Royals at 3:10. At about that time, six-foot-six southpaw Chris Sale will toe the rubber 60 feet and six inches from the plate, and start striking out Royals. Last year, he fanned exactly 192 in 192 innings.

And at some point during the game, Sox cleanup hitter Adam Dunn undoubtedly will whiff for the 400th time since he joined the team two years ago. (He’s at 399 right now.) Maybe they should stop the game and give Dunn the ball—but money is tight right now in the big leagues.

And there are endless chances to commemorate Dunn whiffs. He’ll likely reach 500 Sox Ks by mid-season, and 600 by September.