• Courtesy Duran European Sandwiches Cafe
  • Now open

I’ve been spending way too much time lately waiting at cold el platforms and desolate bus stops. It can put a person in a bad mood. CTA president Forrest Claypool has said that he takes public transportation “occasionally, when it fits his schedule.” News flash, Mr. Claypool: transit that inspires the likes of @CTAFails fits no one’s schedule. Most of us just have to wait.

That being said, the intersection at Grand, Milwaukee, and Halsted, where the #65 bus meets the Blue Line and the #8, has become a more appealing place to be stuck in recent weeks, since Duran European Sandwiches Cafe opened in early February. Owner Tracy Miller started by offering coffee, pots of loose-leaf tea, organic juices, and pastries from Old Town’s La Fournette. Now she’s adding the sandwiches that inspired her, open-faced constructions of the type found in Vienna, where Duran is evidently something of an institution. There are several Duran shops in Wien, and branches in Budapest and Istanbul, but Miller’s is the first and only licensed outlet in the States. On top of that, she’s making her cafe scrupulously local, using not just La Fournette baked goods and breads but dairy from Kilgus Farmstead, meats from Andy’s Deli, and chocolate from Blommer’s, a few scented blocks away.