President Donald Trump is seated during the Arab Islamic American Summit in Saudi Arabia. Credit: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

Welcome to the Reader‘s morning briefing for Tuesday, May 23, 2017.

  • Durbin calls Trump “a president who clearly is not taking advice from anybody,” compares him to Rod Blagojevich

Senator Dick Durbin warned his fellow Democrats not to “hang” President Donald Trump before special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and compared Trump to former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. “If you’re fair-minded and committed to the rule of law, then you don’t hang the person before the trial, which is what some of my political colleagues want to do,” Durbin said on WGN Radio. “I think that is fundamentally unfair, and we need to let this run its course.” The Senate minority whip also said that Trump “is a president who clearly is not taking advice from anybody. The only analogy I can think of was when our former governor Blagojevich was really in trouble with impeachment and other things brewing, and he took off for New York to appear on television shows.” [Tribune]

  • Bank of America: Apple is almost 40 percent more valuable than Chicago

Apple Inc. is so valuable that it has surpassed the economic value of Chicago by 38 percent, according to a new report from Bank of America-Merrill Lynch. The computer giant’s market capitalization was about $803 billion in 2016, which is 38 percent larger than Chicago’s real gross domestic product of $581 billion for that year. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has a market capitalization of $657.9 billion, which is about 13 percent higher than Chicago’s GDP. New York City and Los Angeles have much larger GDPs than Chicago, but Apple is only about 4 percent away from surpassing LA’s economic value. [MarketWatch]

  • Families of missing people continue the search with help from the medical examiner’s office

More than 20 families gathered at the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office Saturday for its first annual Missing Persons Day. The families could use DNA testing and other free services offered during the event to help with the search for their missing loved ones. WBEZ interviewed several of the families, and shared their stories. The family of Iraq war veteran and mother of five Brenda Gonzalez Jackson, who disappeared from Park Forest in January 2016, brought her DNA and medical and dental records. “We really just want to know, is she still here or is she not, so we can move on,” her aunt, Adelina Hernandez, said. “It’s frustrating to listen to the news every day and you hope you’ll get the call that [it’s] her, and then you hope it isn’t. It’s just no way to live.” Renee Brown’s son Nicholas has been missing since May 2008, just days after he was born. “You know, people ask you what you feel as a mother, and [I’d say] ‘nothing,’ meaning I didn’t feel that he was still here,” she told WBEZ. “I had dreams about him and he said, ‘Don’t stop looking for me, keep searching for me,’ and whenever I’d try to reach for him or hug him, he’d run.” [WBEZ]

  • Gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy’s campaign expenditures are a mystery

Democratic businessman Chris Kennedy “has yet to report some traditional campaign expenditures, including payments for well-known consultants, rented office space, campaign T-shirts and stickers and travel expenses” since announcing his gubernatorial bid in February, according to the Sun-Times. The son of late attorney general and senator Robert F. Kennedy didn’t make any expenditures until March 28, according to the first quarterly report filed by the campaign. A full list is expected in the next quarterly report, due July 15. “The campaign paid the bills when they were due, and any further questions you have will be answered on the next quarterly report,” Kennedy spokesman Mark Bergman told the Sun-Times. The lack of spending doesn’t mean that Kennedy isn’t committed to the campaign, according to his staff, who said, “Chris is in this race to stay.” [Sun-Times]

  • $425,000 clock stolen from antique show at the Merchandise Mart

A woman stole an antique clock worth $425,000 from the Chicago Antiques + Art + Design Show at the Merchandise Mart Sunday afternoon. The missing Asprey & Company Mystery Clock is made of 18-karat gold and encrusted with diamonds and sapphires and was likely made for the Sultan of Brunei. The thief snatched the clock while her two accomplices distracted employees. [DNAinfo Chicago]

  • Stephanie Izard wins Iron Chef Gauntlet title

Girl and the Goat executive chef Stephanie Izard won the first season of Iron Chef Gauntlet Sunday, making her an Iron Chef as well as a Top Chef winner. “The chefs that are Iron Chefs, I respect them wholeheartedly,” she said on the Food Network show. “They’re amazing, and they’re well respected throughout the culinary world, and they are known for making great food. So, it’s being welcomed into a club of people that showcases that in a different way.” [Eater Chicago]