• Sam Adams
  • TOP: James Ryan Adamson, Marc P., Jason Smith BOTTOM: Scottie McNiece, Mike Oberlin, Ted Wells

When I get to Logan Square to talk with the Sass Dragons and all but one member of Prizzy Prizzy Please, the atmosphere is, well, informal, but they all seem genuinely flattered that I’m giving them this opportunity to . . . express themselves. The apartment, home to Sass Dragons drummer James Ryan Adamson and bassist Mike Oberlin, is like a nicer version of the punk houses they’ve stayed in on their tours over the years. There’s no crystal-meth lab, no couch upon which many children have obviously been conceived, no towels covering fresh puke. Old show flyers line the walls, a three-foot bong rests on the coffee table, cats weave between legs, and the furniture is comfortably worn in but not vile. I’m immediately handed a “big Corona,” and while I fumble with the audio on a friend’s video camera to the accompaniment of bong-rip coughs and the sound of the El going by, my friend Sam Adams (a Reader editorial intern, like I used to be) takes some photos.