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It may seem surprising that Paula Haney, proprietor of the Hoosier Mama Pie Company, would want to spill all her secrets by publishing a book of the exact same recipes she uses in the shop. Or so we are led to believe. It is, of course, entirely possible that she leaves out one crucial ingredient in every recipe so that your at-home attempt at pie won’t ever taste exactly right.

But if you flip through The Hoosier Mama Book of Pie, it becomes apparent why Haney and her savory-pie guru Allison Scott felt no compunction about sharing their secrets. Take the recipe for chicken potpie, for instance, that comforting cold-weather classic and also one of Hoosier Mama’s best sellers, the only pie guaranteed to be in demand on a cloudy day. (For some reason, Haney has discovered, people prefer to buy pie when it’s sunny. A theory: pie is a happy thing, like sunshine.) It contains 25 ingredients, not counting the three separate subrecipes for crust, chicken stock, and creme fraiche.

Plus you can’t just get home from work and decide that you’re going to whip up a chicken potpie for dinner. This thing requires hours of chopping and roasting and braising and chilling. If you have great knife skills, you might be able to finish by midnight. It’s way easier to go down to Hoosier Mama’s shop in East Village and just buy a damned pie.

“So much of pie is waiting,” says Scott, who’s responsible for the chicken potpie recipe. “It requires patience.”