All the tacos, part one

There are many things wrong with Bodega, starting with the name. A bodega is a store. More specifically, it is a store that sells very basic necessities, plus Virgin of Guadalupe candles, for cheap. I’m sorry if you know this already. The people who named Bodega the restaurant maybe do not, or they just decided to go with something that sounds randomly Mexican.

It’s probably unnecessary to say that, in addition to its failure to sell basic food and household items, Bodega does not resemble a bodega in any fashion, except that its basement bar is poorly lit. Bodega is the sort of place that charges $10 for an order of chips, salsa, and guacamole. (More specifically, $7 for the guac and $3 for the chips and salsa. You thought they came for free? Come on, this is Lincoln Park!) It’s pretty good guacamole, tasting very strongly of garlic and lime, but not worth what Bodega is charging.

However, Bodega provides its patrons with a glorious opportunity. There are eight tacos on the menu at Bodega, all in the $3 range. For a little more than the price of two orders of the carne asada fries, you can order every single one! How often do you get the chance to make such an extravagant gesture?