dozen, Munster Donut
  • Rich Sula
  • A dozen from Munster Donut

Attempting a preblizzard surgical strike on Three Floyd’s Brewpub Friday afternoon didn’t seem like such a smart plan at about 1:30, when I fishtailed onto Calumet Avenue for the journey home. I was already wondering if I’d eventually need to go all To Build A Fire on my brother, when we spotted the Munster Donut sign high up through the whiteout. After smoked octopus, chicken liver, and duck breast with grits, doughnuts were the last thing I was concerned with, but he insisted, and hours later when we slowed to a crawl on the expressway at 18th Street, it was an apparently prescient move. $6.99 a dozen is a small price to pay to avoid cannibalizing your family.