Two days ago, in honor of Weed Week on the Bleader, food writer Mike Sula started up a series documenting dishes best consumed while under the influence (or recovering from such) with a post on the platillo nopal loco at El Gallo Bravo. I haven’t had a hangover in ages—I guess I drink just enough bourbon to inoculate myself—but if I were to, I know where I’d head: tiny Noon Hour Grill. A Reader pick for Best One-Woman Kitchen in this year’s Best of Chicago, Noon Hour Grill (or Grandma’s, as we call it), is a Rogers Park favorite whether for straight-ahead breakfasts like a Denver omelet or for bi bim bop, but it’s her hybrid creations that I find most restorative. As noted in the Best of blurb, her omelet with kimchi, bulgogi, and American cheese is phenomenal, gooey with cheese cut by the spicy meat and pickled cabbage. Served with hash browns, it could lay any crudo to waste, if nothing else, by the nap you’ll require afterward.