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Remember when all you needed to sell clothes on eBay was a digital camera and a computer? Now lots of sellers invest in professional-grade lighting and enlist attractive friends to model. EDrop-Off, started by Corri McFadden in Lincoln Park in 2004, is one of the many companies that has popped up to take care of the complicated part for you—research, pricing, photography, posting, fees, and shipping—for a cut of the selling price, of course (40 percent on the first $1,000, 35 percent after that). They’ll even pick up your stuff in the Chicago area. On July 15 she’ll open a new, much larger space at 2117 N. Halsted, where you can also pop by to check out items up for auction. Those might include an Yves Saint Laurent cuff bracelet, a classic Burberry trench coat, or a pair of Chanel sunglasses.