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  • So that’s where watermelon come from…

I’m coming down with a cold, and it’s, like, a really bad time for me to be sick. Luckily, these little guys have fruit to offer me, because they know there’s nothing like vitamin C to prevent a bedridden weekend. Thanks guys!

Note: We’re not talking cats wearing fruit helmets, here. For that, you’ll need to hit up Buzzfeed, which, to be completely transparent though it’s blindingly obvious, is where I got the idea for a a quirky listicle based on something I saw early in the morning on Reddit—the mess of hair that is apparently responsible for Buzzfeed’s Samsonesque strength. Hey, I don’t resent them for that! Really, I’m happy to see that they’re doing so well. I just think that maybe it’s time we less “downtown” publications got in on the action, because let’s face the music here, you guys are suckers for pictures of cats, you’ll click through a whole slideshow of them probably, and we’re not really doing our level best as a business if we didn’t try to exploit that part of you even as we educate on gay youth struggling on the streets, City Hall’s slush fund incompetence, and endemic poverty, are we?

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