Here’s another report from the 49th from reader Craig Gernhardt:

Here’s a guy who puts his money where his mouth is. Chef/Proprietor Didier Durand of Cyrano’s Bistro located at 546 North Wells came up to the northside of the 49th ward this morning, working Precinct #6 at Gale School House at 1619 West Jonquil. Durand also held a series of fundraisers for Don Gordon at his bistro.

Durant is upset with Alderman Moore because he passed what Mayor Daley calls the ‘silliest law ever’ in the ban on serving Foie Gras. The top chef didn’t mind spending his day helping the Gordon campaign against the incumbent. He was all smiles.

Despite what Alderman Moore told the Chicago Sun-Times a couple of weeks ago about not seeing any suits working the precincts against him – Alderman Moore is getting hammered from both directions at the polls today. He’s clearly outnumbered.

Chris Adams has the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce working the all over the precincts and Don Gordon has the top chefs. I’d really liked to have seen Chef Durand in his cooking apron, serving samples of his stuffed goose liver creation. But some would call that pandering.

Craig Gernhardt