Writing from Pilsen, reader Giles Morris offers an update on the 25th Ward race: 

1 PM in the 25th Ward, and it’s very quiet. The judges are having lunch. The exit polls are showing incumbent Danny Solis just in front of Cuahutemoc Morfin, who’s doing well, particularly in east Pilsen. There’s been a certain amount of drama about the election judges: former alderman Ambrosio Medrano (kicked off the ballot by the Illinois Supreme Court because of his felony record) showed up at the 4th precinct with the Trib and Sun-Times to protest the fact that alderman Solis’s wife is serving as an election judge. That’s not illegal though. It’s a post appointed by committeemen, so it’s a machine thing generally, the going price a hot lunch. The job of election judges is just to check the voters in, so their only political use is to gauge how things are going.

From what I’m hearing it will be close in Pilsen, and if Morfin or one of the other candidates runs strong in any non-Pilsen neighborhoods, there will be a runoff. My best guess from what I’ve seen is that it won’t come to that, but so far these precincts have processed only 100 votes or so. They should get double that between 3 and 7 PM.