From a reader who calls himself Giles Morris:

I’m a 30 year old, self-employed artist who lives in the 25th Ward. I think the Reader coverage of the 25th Ward’s race was a big guess and kind of offensive. The whole “Medrano is actually a nice guy” thing really doesn’t take into account the history here. It left me wondering if Tony Sutter pitched the story. It looked like another jab and the Mayor and his guys, which is fine, but I just wish the Reader’s political writers actually knew some of the ward politics if they’re going to run a feature length article about it. The truth is that Solis is not popular, not populist, maybe not even inspiring, but he’s way better than Medrano and even Morfin, who just sort of runs his mouth about stuff.

I’ll be working the polling places in the 25th tomorrow with my camera and I’d like to add my two cents. I’ve already written a couple blogs on our ward that might be interesting for people who want to hear a different take on what’s going on here.

Like the idea of your citizens’ coverage and think the Reader is really right on usually. Just don’t really think the political columns have been that well thought out.

Giles Morris

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