From the indefatigable (but flagging) Craig Gernhardt of the 49th Ward:

I thought I’d give the readers of ‘Clout City’ blog a look at who’s been keeping you updated in the 49th Ward today.

It’s 4:30 PM, and I set up my tripod for this photo. I’m also pooped. And so is my roving sidekick Cota. I’m standing at blue cone’s distance from my polling place, Morningside Court, 1250 W. Morse. Precinct 26. There are 583 registered voters, and 173 have passed through the turn-styles at this point. Turnout is going well.

Now, why am I holding my voting stub?  I’m proud to display this today. It’s not only an honor to choose which candidate I voted for, it’s what I consider my duty. After all, if you don’t vote, don’t bitch, right? I was able to vote without being pressured into saying who I was for (OK, that’s a stretch)–no one twisted my arm and I wasn’t given any special favors. I voted for the best man I felt could lead the 49th Ward in the right direction. I voted today–did you?

Craig Gernhardt