From a reader who calls herself the Woodlawn Wonder:

As luck would have it, I live on the border of the 20th and 5th wards

only a half a block from a 20th ward polling place.  While it’s not
unusual for there to be more traffic than usual on election day, I was
roused out of a sound slumber by the kicking bass of a car stereo system
at 5:17 this morning. 

Awake, groggy and forgetting it’s election day, I went out on my balcony
to see who was being so inconsiderate at such an early hour.  While I
don’t know if the car belonged to an election judge or poll worker, what
was amazing to me is that our street is bumper to bumper.  You can’t get
a parking space on 65th Street from Stony Island to Dorchester.  There
are people even parking in the vacant lots in back of my condo.

It looks like it’s going to be an interesting day for the 20th ward. 

The Woodlawn Wonder