A reader who calls himself Hunter Clauss sends this report from the 2nd Ward: 

 “They say only 25 percent of people came out to vote,” said an elderly man riding in the back of the King Drive bus number 3. He flipped through a newspaper while talking to woman–presumably a friend. The bus drove past a 2nd Ward polling place near the corner of Michigan Avenue and Cermak Road–or at least it looked like one. The area appeared as if a nuclear bomb of election signs exploded, littering “Re-Elect Madeline Haithcock” and “Vote Kenny Johnson” signs all over the ground.

“They say it’s the lowest turnout ever. Last year it was 35 percent and that was low. Things just aren’t the way they used to be,” the old man said with his female friend nodding. “What do you think about Jennifer Hudson winning the Oscar?”