A reader who calls himself Eric Kasang sends this report:

Teaching them how to work the polls—ward style.

While walking to Bethany Methodist Retirement Community, 4950 N. Ashland
Ave, a polling place in the 47th Ward, it was noticeably desolate around
the poll area. Since it was 6:30 a.m, it’s understandably too early for
actual voters. However, normally Ald. Gene Schulter’s guys are outside
shoving campaign literature to voters. From local to presidential, his
posse usually would be out there working the crowd; going right up to
people and “advising” them that they forgot their voting guides.
After walking in-and-out in about a minute—no lines at all—I saw two
campaign workers in their early 20s milling near the home’s entrance. An
elderly woman exited the building right before me and started advising the
young man and woman how to pass out election literature.
“You got to push them,” she curtly told them. “That’s how you do it. Who
do you work for?”
The man quietly answered: “Cooney” referring to Martin Cooney, the only
candidate against Ald. Shulter.
The old woman told the young couple again: “You got to get out there and
push them” and then walked away.
As I left, I noticed the couple just standing there, without a warm body
to pass off their campaign literature.

Eric Kasang