• Brian Jackson/Sun-Times
  • Aldermen Pat Dowell (pictured second from left), Joe Moreno (pictured second from right), and Ameya Pawar (pictured far right) will help provide analysis on election night at the Hideout—but they’re not allowed to gloat, no matter what happens.

As a sign of my unshakable confidence that a change is gonna come to Chicago politics, I’ll be spending election night at the Hideout with—count ’em—three aldermanic supporters of Mayor Rahm.

Just to rub it in when my man, Chuy Garcia, roars to victory—his, gulp, 28 percent deficit in the latest Tribune poll notwithstanding.

I’m talking about tomorrow’s First Tuesdays show, which Mick Dumke and I host on the first Tuesday of every month at the Hideout. As the name suggests.

For our prime-time election night special, we’ll have Aldermen Pat Dowell, Proco Joe Moreno and Ameya Pawar on hand starting at 8 PM—that’s one hour after the polls have closed.

So no excuses for not voting.

Unless you’re voting for Mayor Rahm.

Then you should consider this breaking news—the election’s been put off till Wednesday.

Just kidding, Rahm supporters.

All three of our distinguished guests are part of what they call the Paul Douglas Alliance, which I’ve been known to tease a bit from time to time.

They’re the middle ground of aldermanic independents who reserve the right to occasionally vote against the mayor—as opposed to most of their aldermanic colleagues, who wouldn’t vote against the mayor if he were selling O’Hare to Milwaukee.

For tomorrow’s show, I’ve forced the three guests to sign a pledge not to gloat in the event that their man Mayor Emanuel prevails.

There’s no end of things to talk about. In addition to the mayoral race, we have 18 aldermanic runoffs. So we’ll have lots to say about the makeup of the new council.

Also, how long will it take before the new mayor drops all this campaign BS and raises property taxes? Or, should he win, how long before the new nice Mayor Rahm ditches that sweater and goes back to being the old mean Mayor Rahm?

Or will Alderman Rick Munoz make all of us call bwana should his old pal Chuy take over the fifth floor?

Also, now that Alderman Bob Fioretti threw in with the mayor, will Rahm re-remap the Second Ward so it looks like a real ward and not a string of spaghetti?

Bob, that flip-flop still stings.

Ken Davis—host of Chicago Newsroom—will be on hand to give us election results as they come in.

Again, the show starts at 8 PM. CAN-TV will be broadcasting live. It’s $5 at the door. And the Hideout’s at 1354 W. Wabansia.