The cover art for Celine Neon
  • The cover art for Celine Neon

There’s party music that tries to drown out the sad stuff, and then there’s the party music that brings the baggage along for the ride. Celine Neon’s new self-titled EP blasts the beats, but it doesn’t shy away from heavy emotions. On the Chicago trio’s debut, singers Emily Nejad and Maggie Kubley dive into lyrics about depression (or “depresh,” as they abbreviate it), exhaustion, and meaningless sex. But that doesn’t mean the music isn’t fun; Nejad and Kubley’s dueling vocals navigate choppy grime rhythms from producer Will Kubley (Maggie’s younger brother), who keeps the tempo up even on the spooky “Cycle.”

The Celine Neon EP is out today via the group’s own imprint, Kujad Records. Tomorrow they’ll perform at Subterranean to celebrate the release, alongside Rapper Chicks, a local hip-hop supergroup comprising Ill-esha, Psalm One, Fluffy, and Angel Davanport. The evening begins with a DJ set from Johnny Walker, and Glitterguts will be there to snap photo-booth pics.

Watch Celine Neon’s trippy black-light video for the EP’s lead single, “Getcha Good,” below.