After a decade and a half of putting up with being a countercultural punchline, industrial music’s found itself unexpectedly back in fashion in 2013, thanks not only to the legions of Tumblr users exploring and reviving a quintessentially 90s brand of goth-industrial identity but because of its obvious influence on what could very easily go down as the most influential album of the year. As a longtime fan of people howling over combative drum machines and short-circuiting electronic noise, I heartily applaud this turn of events.

If you’re in need of an industrial fix, you should strongly consider being at the Burlington tomorrow night when it hosts an evening of aggressive electronic music, featuring locals Psychic Steel, Drill Scare, and Andy Ortmann. The bill also includes San Francisco’s Bad News, whose 2012 EP No End is a nasty batch of electronic noise that at times sounds like it could have come straight from industrial music’s 90s heyday. You can stream it after the jump.