• Saint Pepsi’s remix of the American Football cover art

Late 90s Champaign-Urbana emo trio American Football has been a major source of inspiration for the countless new underground bands currently reviving the style’s second wave, and lately American Football’s influence is beginning to seep into other genres. Just yesterday Saint Pepsi—a producer who came up in the vaporwave scene as the sound’s originators began distancing themselves from the tag—premiered “Unhappy” on the Fader, and the tune is an upbeat reworking of American Football’s “The Summer Ends.” Saint Pepsi speeds up the original tune and chops it up till the band’s downcast cycling guitars almost resemble twinkling thumb piano melodies and Mike Kinsella sounds like a stuttering chipmunk. “Unhappy” reminded me of another American Football remix project that a producer named Every dropped last October; it’s a crazed, erratic 22-minute remix of the band’s 1999 self-titled album called “American Jukeball,” and the syncopated pileups of programmed drumming and American Football samples mimic the wild sounds of juke. The appearance of “American Jukeball” and “Unhappy” hardly qualify as a trend, but I’d certainly be game if more aspiring producers decide to rework American Football tunes. Check out both tracks as well as the original source of inspiration below.