Apart from featured takes on Markethouse, Tocco, and Tapas Valencia in Food & Drink this week, there are eight new reviews in the listings–as it happens a mostly Depression-friendly cheap eats edition.

I questioned the powers of broasting at Annette’s Broasters to Go (but Darryl Hannah likes it), snapped up $2 tamales for the train at Antojitos!, contemplated ayurvedic fast food at Chutney Joe’s, wandered through the liquid nitrogen fog at iCream, and sang sympathy for the line cook at Zahrat al Madaa’en.

Kate Schmidt likes the Anglophilic Bananas Foster Cafe but finds the price points at the Italophilic Palette Bistro ill suited to a worldwide economic collapse.

Finally, Bianca Jarvis encounters tempura donburi and bacon-and-garlic-wrapped bread sticks at the unfortunately named Oh Fusion and her head fails to explode.

Next time: Sunda, Pollo Volador, Muqdishu, Bull & Bear, and still more.