The Chicago Cubs play the Saint Louis Cardinals during a night game at Wrigley Field. Credit: Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

Welcome to the Reader‘s morning briefing for Friday, July 28, 2017.

  • Emanuel won’t allow the Cubs to play more night games at Wrigley

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has denied the Chicago Cubs’ request to play more night games at Wrigley Field. Crane Kenney, the team’s president of business operations, asked for permission to play 54 night games, as do most other MLB teams. Emanuel held firm, saying it was the team’s fault: the Cubs had decided to offer more concerts at the field in place of night games and now must “live with the consequences.” The team had been given “evening opportunities” they could have used for night games, the mayor said, “but then they would have to share [profits] with Major League Baseball. The concert [profits] they keep all for themselves like they do the beer on the plaza.” [Sun-Times]

  • Democratic Governors Association: Rauner is “extremely vulnerable”

Governor Bruce Rauner is “extremely vulnerable” in the 2018 gubernatorial race, according to the Democratic Governors Association. The organization commissioned a new poll of Illinois residents that found “every measure of [the incumbent Republican’s] political support below 40 percent.” According to the Sun-Times, Rauner’s overall positive job rating totaled 34 percent, with 63 percent saying he has a done a ‘poor’ or ‘not so good’ job.” [Sun-Times]

  • Alderman proposes fines for leaving pets alone in hot or cold cars

Alderman Gilbert Villegas (36th)  is proposing an ordinance that would fine people for leaving their pets unattended in a car “in a life- or health-threatening situation” posed by excessive heat or cold. Fines could be as low as $300 or as high as $1,000. “I’ve seen it tons on the Internet,” Villegas said. “And I’ve seen it myself in parking lots when people go inside to either a Jewel or Mariano’s. They think that, by just cracking the window, the animal is going to be able to [endure] the heat that’s in that vehicle.” [Sun-Times]

  • Kendrick Lamar popped up at his own West Loop pop-up shop

Kendrick Lamar thrilled his fans Thursday by making a surprise appearance at his West Loop pop-up merchandise shop. The store was open for one day in advance of his Thursday-evening concert at United Center. Fans camped out at the store as early as 4 AM hoping to see the rapper. [DNAinfo Chicago]

  • The Public hotel, formerly the Ambassador East, rebrands as the Ambassador

Back in the day, the Ambassador East Hotel and its famous see-and-be-seen restaurant, the Pump Room, were frequented by famous guests such as Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Doris Day. The hotel rebranded itself as the Public a few years ago, but under new ownership it’s now bringing back part of the old name—it will be called the Ambassador—and enlisting Lettuce Entertain You to update the Pump Room. “There are a lot of beautiful things in the hotel,” Journal Hotels CEO Stephen Brandman told the Tribune. “Everything we’re trying to do is bring out, reinforce the beauty of the hotel.” Lettuce Entertain You, which ran the Pump Room from 1976 to 1998, is “reconcepting” the spot, which is stated to open this fall. [Tribune] [Eater Chicago]

  • It’s been 35 years since Otto the gorilla’s great escape

Thursday was the 35th anniversary of a great animal escape at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Otto the gorilla managed to escape from the zoo’s Great Ape House on July 27, 1982. He reportedly had about 15 minutes of freedom, during which he managed to climb to the top of the Crown Field Center, according to DNAinfo Chicago. [DNAinfo Chicago]