Somebody must have dropped a dime to inform recently reanimated Norwegian black-metal masters Emperor that Chicago is a great metal town and they really ought to consider adding a date here when they lumber through North America again. (A mini-tour last year got good notices, but was marred by the exclusion of guitarist Samoth due to visa woes. Seems to me Homeland Security is asleep at the wheel for letting any of ’em in–someone should probably send Michael Chertoff a copy of Lords of Chaos, but it’s not gonna be me.) They’re booked for May 30 at Metro. No new material to speak of, but do they really need it?

Also, y’know, Emperor’s great, sure but do you know who’s really fucking metal? The Poe Toaster, that’s who. For 58 years, an anonymous benefactor has showed up midnight-ish on January 19 to leave roses and cognac on Edgar Allan Poe’s grave in Baltimore, eluding curious crowds and melting back into the night’s Plutonian shore without being identified. This article hints strongly that the current toaster is a son of the original, who did it for the first time on Poe’s death-centennial year, 1949.