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One of the many overlapping storylines in last night’s episode of Fox’s hit hip-hop soap opera Empire revolves around a track called “Drip Drop.” It’s the newest single from aspiring rapper Hakeem, the youngest son of mogul Lucious Lyon. Hakeem is battling his two older brothers to take over his father’s company, and his hope to rise to the top is to become a top-tier MC and establish his own identity.

Hakeem posits “Drip Drop” and its corresponding video as his first step out of his father’s shadow. “When this video drop it’s gonna put Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole*, and all those cats on notice,” Hakeem says partway through the episode. The straightforward, bombastic “Drip Drop” is passable, but its blandly sexual lyrics only served to remind me of another better track with the same name by a former local—bear rapper Big Dipper.

Dipper’s “Drip Drop” came out in 2011 and is an entirely different beast. The track samples “Little April Shower” from Bambi and features sharp, comedic lyrics that are far more fun and playful than whatever Hakeem raps about in his track. Dipper’s “Drip Drop” is also raunchy as hell, and his unyielding focus on gay sex provides an interesting foil in the context of Empire. The middle child in the Lyon family, Jamal, is gay; Lucious’s inability to accept his son’s sexuality, and his insistence that hip-hop fans can’t accept a gay audience, is one of the show’s defining narratives.

After I noticed the name of Hakeem’s new single I quickly sent an e-mail to Dipper—turns out he’s a fan of the show. “It was so funny to see the whole show focused on a song called ‘Drip Drop,'” Dipper says. “It’s a catchy track, but definitely a bit tame for TV.”

If Empire‘s “Drip Drop” episode gets Big Dipper some more attention then the timing sure works out well. Earlier this week Dipper released a new EP called Free Money, which you can stream below—I’d also recommend watching the slightly NSFW video for the EP’s first track, “Da Money.”

*I realize J. Cole’s recent 2014 Forest Hills Drive debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, but he’s still not quite in the same league as Drake and Kendrick Lamar.