The Mad Decent-based spin-off Jeffree’s is an interesting experiment in how to sell music to an audience that’s used to getting it for free. As I outlined in a column last year on the legal issues that can arise when you release free sample-based music, the label’s unique business plan consists of finding unknown artists and hosting their best material on a curated SoundCloud account, and occasionally releasing anthologies of recent highlights at a higher sound quality through digital retailers like iTunes.

It’s about as stripped-down as a label can be, and its low-pressure, no-frills presentation (like the fact that the label’s official page is hosted by Tumblr) is part of its charm. And it’s been surprisingly successful—Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” originally premiered on Jeffree’s, which means that a label that’s intentionally run in a completely half-assed way has earned itself a chart-topping hit.

Anyhow, the purpose of this whole long introduction is to tell you to check out the latest single to come out on Jeffree’s. Aaron Carmack, aka Mr. Carmack, is a Hawaii-based producer who’s been self-releasing music online for a minute. He’s part of a group of producers mixing hip-hop and dance music in such a perfectly synergetic way that trying to label the results as one genre or the other seems pointless. Yesterday Jeffree’s posted a two new Carmack tracks, “Birth Control” and “Hopscotch.” The former is a goofy mash-up of Dirty South minimalist beats and squiggly moombahton laser synths that halfway through shifts gears into some sort of ambient trap hybrid. The “B side” is even goofier, with pitch-shifted nonsense Sugarhill Gang-via-Missy Elliott vocals laid over a deeply booming beat that should make fans of DJ Mustard very happy. Check out both after the jump.