There was a time in the early 80s when software was available on cassette tape. In the UK, a tape-based system called the Sinclair ZX Spectrum became popular enough to inspire a few bands to incorporate Spectrum games on their albums. Adam Kempa at has an overview of the phenomenon and reviews of some of the games, complete with links to playable online emulations. I’ve played a few, and though they’re all utter shit, they’re kind of interesting. For instance, the Thompson Twins Adventure is a terrible text-input adventurer, but hasn’t it always been your dream to tell the Thompson Twins what to do?

Better and more obscure (at least in the States) is the game designed for Welsh rockabillyist Shakin’ Stevens. The concept is simple: in Kempa’s succinct description, “The goal of ‘The Shaky Game’ is to drive Shakin’ Stevens’ car to the center of a maze while avoiding bats, who bite you.” But the real treat is that when you do get bit by a bat, a heavily pixelated Shakin’ appears on the screen and says, “OH DEAR!! a bat bit you.” This is a really good idea for a tattoo.

via Boing Boing