I know I’m regularly high on the left-wing blogs and in particular Talking Points Memo, which reported on, clearly explained, and stuck doggedly to the story about the politicization of the DOJ when it was buried on the pages of our national papers. TPM led the charge and for that a nation should be eternally grateful. But OMG MCCAIN THINKS OBAMA IS NOT NECESSSARILY NOT A SOCIALIST is not really the takeaway message from his totally reasonably partisan on-camera interview with the Kansas City Star, which obviously I think has some foolishness, but: chill, my fellow partisans. We still have three months in which to not lose it. Let’s nip this in the bud.

As far as equal equal time: JMM is right that McCain’s been shifty on some positions lately and deserves more heat from it than he gets (especially on Afghanistan, on which he recently, ahem, flip-flopped over to Obama’s position without even a marginally comprehensible idea of where an Afghanistan “surge” would get the manpower).

But burning the man on the verbal equivalent of a shrug is bush league and beneath my journalistic ideal of not being a dick about things. Sorry.

November. It’s gonna be ok.

(…a vacation and two weddings… I’ll get through…)