After almost ten years, during which jewelry designer Erin Gallagher developed a list of retail clients, opened her own store in the West Loop, and then moved it to take advantage of the greater foot traffic in Lincoln Park, Erin Gallagher Jewelry is rebranding itself as Gem Bar, a transformation is due in part to Gallagher’s busy schedule as the mom to a toddler. Gallagher has always offered customization in her namesake shop, but Gem Bar will focus even more on that aspect, promoting the idea of the designs as “more the client’s vision and less my own,” she said in a press release. Customers can mix birthstones, crystals, and charms in the form of zodiac signs, initials, religious symbols, and more. Prices start at $40. The Erin Gallagher Jewelry brand will now be for fine jewelry and bridal designs available by appointment, although some designs will be available at Gem Bar. It’s located at the same space, 1013 W. Webster.