The fifth installment of Estrojam is this year, and while I’ve repeatedly gone on record as not being a big fan of things with the perfumy reek of the pink-collar ghetto, this festival is an exception. The name’s clever, if a little gross. (Estrojam? On MY English muffin? It’s more likely than you think.) Anyway, they’ve just announced that they’ll be announcing the lineup on June 1st, and apparently they’re EXCITED! Note the CAPSLOCK!

“ESTROJAM 2007****** Get ready to experience a HISTORICAL event, meet a COMMUNITY of like minded, PIONEERING AND PROVOCATIVE women, see some of the most CUTTING EDGE musicians and artists of our time, mix and mingle with some of the most INFLUENTIAL, UNDERGROUND women in the MUSIC/ARTS industry, at some of Chicago’s HOTTEST NIGHTSPOTS, participate in a LIFECHANGING workshop where you can LEARN something you never knew EXISTED before, watch SMART film shorts by and about women like YOU, be INSPIRED by something BIGGER THAN YOURSELf, experience the most important ARTISTS, SPEAKERS, ACTIVISTS and WORLD ORGANIZATIONS for the ARTS, EDUCATION, HEALTH, SOCIAL CHANGE, HUMAN RIGHTS AND NON-VIOLENCE.”

But it’s important to move NOW, because the SUBMISSION DEADLINE is SOON!! Go HERE!