Daley gives us but one choice for securing Chicago’s economic future, a choice between stagnation and an Olympics that lasts all of several weeks during one summer seven years away. He’s become like the drunk telling his family that their only salvation is, not in his sobering up and getting a grip, but in the lucky lottery ticket he’s just purchased.

Lynn Becker notes that the plan for demolishing Michael Reese Hospital will be unveiled tonight at 7 pm, Olivet Baptist Church, 31st and King, presented by Toni Preckwinkle and other officials. He’s previously written in greater detail about the problems involved with destroying the whole campus, and Deanna Isaacs made the modern addition the Reader‘s pick for best endangered building(s).

Update: What I hadn’t known before was that the landscaping was done by the great U. of I. grad Hideo Sasaki. Also, photo by David Schalliol (still learning the new blog system).