The Tribune picks up the idiotic John Edwards hair meme in an editorial, and despite being about a month late to the story, manages give a dumber take than your average bottom-of-the-barrel right-wing Internet rag (please tell me about how blogs are cheapening our public discourse again).

“We’re going to stipulate that John Edwards has great hair, certainly the best hair among the male Democratic candidates. But the best-coiffed GOP presidential contender, Mitt Romney, says he spends only $50 per haircut. Keep that in mind if we wind up with a Romney-Edwards race and you want to know who will balance the federal budget.”

This from the same editorial board that advised you to wet yourself over a $600 phone.

I would add that the next time a brainless, pandering scion runs against damn near anyone else in a presidential election, remember what the Tribune told you to do about President (twice!), and think about how well that worked out.