So you’ve seen the Insane Clown Posse’s “Miracles” video. You’ve sat through all 17 minutes of the most recent Gathering of the Juggalos trailer. You’ve doodled killer-clown paint on the faces of celebrities in People magazine. You’ve found yourself seriously wondering how fuckin’ magnets work. It sounds like you’re ready to take your knowledge of juggalos to the next level.

Music-obsessed illustrator and part-time juggalo expert Derek Erdman can help. He’s been to the Gathering and documented it. He’s compared juggalos and Pitchfork festivalgoers. He’s way into juggalos, after a fashion, and he’ll be sharing his knowledge of the species next Tuesday, August 3, at the Hungry Brain at a juggalo-specific installment of the salon-style lecture series organized by the arts nonprofit Homeroom. This would be a good place to get answers to all of your most burning juggalo-related questions, like “Wait, they’re all Christians or something?” and “How often would you guess that the Gathering’s helicopter rides and/or flashlight wrestling result in fatalities?”

There will be face painting, of course. The talk starts at 9 PM and you must be 21.