Did you know that in 2002,  Exene Cervenka got hitched to guitarist Jason Edge, while they were on the first tour for their band, the Original Sinners? (He’s a great guitarist, even if he is a far less impressive IMDB entry than Exene’s first two husbands.) The ceremony was held on a Mississippi riverboat and was performed by El Vez. Hey, if “When Our Love Passed Out on the Couch” proves anything, it’s that Exene understands romance–and maybe you don’t want to know all the things she knows. You can, however, take a look at the inside of her mind rendered visually in her new collage collection, Magical Meteorite Songwriting Device.

Cervenka, Edge and the rest of the crew perform Saturday night at the Hideout.

In other arty rocker news, or rocksy artist news, on April 14 Chris Verene, a photographer who used to play in the Rock*a*Teens and is now a member of Cordero, will give a lecture about his series documenting his hometown of Galesburg; both the passion of its people and the pain of its economic devastation. It takes place at Gescheidle Gallery, where his work is exhibed through April 29.