• Erez Avissar
  • Death Grips at Boiler Room

Just a couple of days after their set at the online live music series Boiler Room’s party at SXSW, Sacramento anarcho-rap group Death Grips released a video for “Lock Your Doors” from their No Love Deep Web mixtape that they had filmed during the performance. Much of it’s disorientingly abstract, but it also gives viewers a chance to share lunatic drummer Zach Hill’s POV behind the kit, which is great if you’re one of those people who wishes they could be Zach Hill. (I assume there are at least a few of them out there.)

Boiler Room just released footage of the Death Grips’ complete set, and it’s absolute insanity—glitched-out electronic noise, yelling, and frenetic drumming delivered in near-darkness aside from the cacophony of video screens and projections going off all around them. It’s like someone set up an obscenely high-end audio-visual system and then took a flamethrower to it.

You can catch all 33 minutes of balls-out AV chaos after the jump.