• Isabelle Adjani, giving birth to something awful, in Possession

This week, the Gene Siskel Film Center will present the complete version of Andrzej Zulawski’s Possession (which I wrote about at length in our current issue)—a local premiere that arrives almost 31 years exactly after the film’s Cannes debut. It’s unfortunate it took so long to bring a movie this important to Chicago screens, but I guess this means 1981’s loss has become 2012’s gain.

For this belated presentation, we can all thank local film collector Brian Block. Block commissioned the new print of Possession currently touring the U.S., and he’s overseeing the distribution singlehandedly under the moniker of the Bleeding Light Film Group (for the sake of full disclosure, I should add that we’ve been acquaintances for several years). I met up with him the other night to discuss his efforts, what drew him to Possession, and why Zulawski remains a major filmmaker. Our conversation follows the jump.