The nonprofit Friends of the Parks recently caused an uproar by promoting its vision of “completing” the lakefront park system from 71st south to the Indiana border and from Hollywood north to Evanston. Along with some environmentalists and other community activists, people who own lakefront property in those areas have raised a stink over the idea that acres of lake could be filled in to ensure a park stretches the entire length of the city.

Any doubts about where Mayor Daley stands on the matter were eradicated in an interview with his press secretary that the Trib ran over the weekend.

“It’s one of his long-term goals,” Jackie Heard told the paper. “If he had his druthers, he’d do it.”

She meant that if he had the money he’d do it–though that hasn’t stopped the mayor or the Park District before. And local opposition certainly hasn’t been an obstacle. In that sense opponents to the lakefront extension may want to cheer for Chicago’s Olympic bid. If we don’t get the games, Mayor Daley will probably turn to some other big projects to try to enhance his legacy.