Gary Mader, who’s been playing bass in New Orleans sludge-metal institution Eyehategod for the past 12 years, has also been playing guitar in Classhole since 2000, and on Fri 5/24, they’re playing at the Burlington. Sometimes active, sometimes not, Classhole is an old-school hardcore band that plays straight-up, in-your-face punk rock, but still relies on the impossibly heavy guitar tones of Mader’s full-time band. Eyehategod is known for the occasional moment of high-octane fury, but it’s nothing like Classhole, which sounds more like Negative Approach than anything, although its members do channel the incredibly hateful, miserable vibe that most of the NOLA sludge crew is known for. The band, punk rock though and through, makes it pretty difficult to locate recordings, with only a handful of them pressed on superlimited runs over the course of the past decade. There are a few demo tracks are up on Classhole’s Bandcamp page, and just three days ago a new song—that’s set to be out soon on a split 12-inch with Fistula—was posted to Youtube. You can hear the appropriately titled “Burning Pain” below.

Classhole plays with the delightfully named Mangina, Gary Wrong, and Buck Biloxi & the Fucks. The show starts at 9 PM.