Recently, I’ve written about two Chicago artists, Julia Haw and Ellen Greene, whose artwork was removed from Facebook after the site deemed their images, which featured depictions of vaginas, pornographic. A few days ago I was tagged in an open letter a woman sent to Facebook after an anatomical rendering of a vulva she’d posted was removed. The drawing was meant to serve as an educational tool for expectant mothers. Facebook called it pornography.

Take a stroll through an adult-video store someday and you’ll see some shit you can never unsee. Granny porn, midget porn, infinite variations on two girls and a cup (I threw up a little just writing that). But what you will not find are textbook drawings of female sex organs. Nobody’s into that. So either Facebook is totally out of touch with porn trends—and given the number of lonely tech geeks they employ, that seems unlikely—or it’s being run by a bunch of misogynist, fear-mongering vagina haters.

What’s on my mind, Facebook? I’m wondering how one of the world’s most progressive and influential companies can be so ass-backward and puritanical in its policies towards women.