The recent (and finally played-out) trend of naming your music project an ungoogleable string of Unicode characters was slightly subversive, I guess, with its implied “fuck you” to received ideas of discoverability, as well as to computer-illiterate adults (and anyone not cool enough to know who you are already). But giving your band a name specifically designed to set off spam filters is full-on ballsy.

Fake Asian Rolex is a Parisian “noise/punk/crust” band whose name should make anyone who’s ever had an e-mail account chuckle. In a doubling down on their game of chicken with spam filters their new EP is entitled 74K34514NR013X, which you might recognize as leet for “Fake Asian Rolex,” but which a junk filter is likely to interpret as a highly suspicious-looking series of random letters and numbers and zap it if the word “Rolex” wasn’t enough to set it off already.

Between their audaciously hilarious taste in naming things and the fact that their e-mail blast ends with the sentence, “What we want are REVIEWS, from everyone and make shit loads of money so that we can buy ALL THE SANDWICHES!!!!!!” I was predisposed to liking them no matter what their music sounds like. Happily it turns out that it’s noisy, grindy fun that gives me flashbacks to the heyday of 90s powerviolence. If you have 29 seconds to spare, hit the jump to check out their video for “Rapin Beliefs” off of 74K34514NR013X, which is out April 2 on MSTRKRFT mastermind Jesse Keeler’s Teenage Riot Records, and which you can stream in its entirety here.