This week’s Reader is special for the entire staff because it’s our annual Fall Arts issue, where we run down the events in visual arts, theater, dance, and, of course, music that you should know about over the next 80 days. It’s a special issue for me too, because it’s the last one I worked on as a Chicago resident. After a couple weeks of seminomadic homelessness, I’m flying to New York City to start a new existence as a Brooklynite. (Yes, I will be in Williamsburg, at least to start. Yes, I’m aware of that everyone who’s called me a stereotypical hipster over the years will get a good smirk out of that. And yes, I know that Williamsburg is supposedly “over,” but I got a good deal on a place.) The good news is that along with freelancing for a number of other excellent publications TBA, I’ll still be writing regularly for the Reader.

In the music portion of the Fall Arts package (it’s not actually on the B Side, but it might as well be) we’ve got ten highly recommended concerts during the fall season (including a psychedelic garage-rock experience, Riccardo Muti conducting the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in Carmina Burana for free in Millennium Park, and a bunch of talented underground rappers converging on the Congress Theater) and a profile I did on local avant-R&B duo The-Drum. On top of that we have a regular B Side full of goodness: a brief history of Riot Fest (which is turning into a Humboldt Park punk-rock carnival for this weekend’s incarnation) and a guide to some of the acts appearing there, an In Rotation featuring Peter Margasak and Tortoise guitarist Jeff Parker, a Gossip Wolf with news about the surprising signing of a local act to a major-label imprint, and a quick overview of the inaugural (and sold-out) Hideout Block Party & A.V. Fest. Oh yeah and there’s Soundboard too, with a week’s worth of live picks including Antibalas, Bob Mould, Lightning Bolt, D’Angelo, Obituary, and more.