Alexandra Drewchin, aka Eartheater
  • Courtesy of Eartheater’s Facebook page
  • Alexandra Drewchin, aka Eartheater

In 2012 Doug Kaplan and Max Allison of local noise trio Good Willsmith launched Hausu Mountain, an experimental label that’s found a niche on the international scene. Just a couple months into the new year, Kaplan and Allison have already had a strong 2015—last week Hausu Mountain released the engaging, hallucinogenic Metalepsis from Eartheater, aka New York musician (and Guardian Alien front woman) Alexandra Drewchin. Standout single “Homonyms” is a good entry point into an album that blurs acoustic plucking and electrical pulses.

Drewchin weaves together pitter-patter percussion, exquisite guitar work, and a humming reverberation that sounds like it’s coming from a supercomputer booting up; her singing wavers between a faint whisper and a high-pitched, birdlike warble. “Homonyms” is today’s 12 O’Clock Track, so take a listen below.