The one and only Max Lipchitz Credit: Thomas Kelly

There are only a few short weeks left in the year, and Max Lipchitz wants you to use them to find love. His one-night-only show at iO, Night of Falling in Love: How to Find Love in 2015 and Keep Love in 2016, is an interactive comedic “event” inspired by the search for romance.

“It’s a seminar-type of show where I’m teaching the audience tips and tricks and rules of the game—how to do love, which is kind of a silly idea in itself,” says Lipchitz, who wanted to host a Steve Harvey-type show. “Desperation is funny.”

It’s one in a series of recent productions intended to revitalize the lineup at iO’s Mission Theater, a stage for alternative comedic voices. “It’s the sort of ‘go for it’ attitude that I’m trying to foster at iO to get performers in positions to stretch themselves and figure out what works and what doesn’t,” says Alex Honnet, iO’s creative director.

This is the first solo venture for Lipchitz—who is also on an iO Harold team and performs at the Annoyance’s Holy Fuck Comedy Hour—but he hopes to do more one-off events like this in the future. As for Night of Falling in Love, he’ll bring in funny friends to help lead a series of activities—Holy Fuck comrades Danny Catlow and Nate Varrone among them—in the hopes that people will not only laugh, but maybe, just maybe, find a connection.

“I pray that some people will find love at the show and use the tools after to go out into the world and hopefully find a mate,” Lipchitz says with a laugh, “or at least a friend.”

Max Lipchitz’s Night of Falling in Love: How to Find Love in 2015 and Keep Love in 2016 Thu 12/17, 10 PM, iO Theater, 1501 N. Kinsbury,, $5.