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I’ve always considered Fall Out Boy a pop-punk band with a hint of third-wave emo, and through the years the four-piece did a great job of turning its sound into a Flubber-like substance that could form all sorts of crazy shapes to include stylistic elements of other genres while retaining its original sugary and anthemic essence. Fall Out Boy made a big splash Monday after announcing its return from an “indefinite” hiatus with a new single, “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up),” from a forthcoming full-length called Save Rock And Roll. That’s a typically tongue-in-cheek album title for a band that found the kind of success that leaves fans ravenous after a few years apart by essentially eschewing straightforward rock for a range of pop sounds, though it’s an oddly sincere statement; Fall Out Boy is making rock relevant to an entire population of listeners that might not otherwise care about it.