This is one of those stories that shows up at 10:26 on the local news prefaced by “Lastly, tonight,” but I must mention it, as a mystery lover, film hound and person who loves a good lamb chop. John’s Grill, a San Francisco restaurant famous for its connections to Dashiell Hammett, billing itself as “the Home of the Maltese Falcon,” has been robbed. Gone is their falcon, which is not one of the two heavy lead models used in the filming of the 1941 Bogart movie, but a lighter replica used for publicity stills that San Franciscan actor Elisha Cook, Jr., who played Wilmer Cook, presented to the to the restaurant in the 1990s when they failed to purchase one of the two “real” ones. More valuable, though, were the vintage and signed books stolen as well. The Tenderloin restaurant, a favorite of Hammett’s, was founded in 1908 and (note) does not actually appear in the movie; it’s in the book toward the end where Sam Spade famously orders “chops, baked potato and sliced tomatoes.”