The New York Times ran a story in this week’s Thursday Styles section about a company that makes normal-looking clothes–i.e., no neon Lycra or skintight Spandex shorts–for the bicyclist who wants to look more like a carefree European in the 50s than a Lance Armstrong clone. The clothes from Rapha combine vintage-y styles with performance fabrics. The downside? They’re not cheap, to say the least, and right now they only offer menswear.

The problem of what to wear while biking, especially to work, is a major issue among those who’d like to bike more often but don’t want to show up sweaty or have to haul an entire change of clothing. Still, people in other countries manage it. Some time ago Renee Yablon (mom of managing editor Kiki), who owned a bicycle store at the time, tipped me off to the Web site Copenhagen Cycle Chic, featuring gorgeous Danes commuting in heels, skirts, and suits. Since Chicago is actively promoting both bicycling and the fashion industry, perhaps the city can figure out a way to merge the two?