Million Dollar Mano has been relentlessly tweeting the entire process leading up to the debut of his new Treated Crew project with Mic Terror, Gzus Piece, Chance the Rapper, and Caleb James—the arrival of their custom-embroidered “Treated” caps was an epic Twitter tale in and of itself—so when I realized today that their debut track, “All Black,” had been out for a couple of days and I hadn’t heard it yet, it kind of blew my mind. Having remedied the situation, I can report that “All Black” is a beast. Mano—who’s recently been spending his time behind the decks for Jay and Kanye’s Watch the Throne tour—provides production that’s a menacing hybrid of Dr. Dre’s darker moments and the twitchy, woozy trap beats that have become the defining sound of hip-hop in 2012. And as befits a group of highly outspoken dudes named after the local slang for being put in your place, there is a considerable amount of shit talking going on—Mic Terror in particular promises to fuck both your girlfriend and your mother. The track definitely has me curious to see what the crew’s next move will be.

Listen after the jump.