Robert Feder, longtime radio-TV writer for the Sun-Times, is ending a year’s retirement to blog on media for

A spokesman for Chicago Public Radio says Feder is the first of several “expert bloggers” that Vocalo will soon be announcing. A three-year-old multimedia experiment that CPR created but bends over backward to remain publicly distant from, so that neither Vocalo nor WBEZ contaminates the image of the other, Vocalo consists of a radio station and a Web site conceived to attract an audience that’s far younger and more blue-collar than WBEZ’s. The Web site has been a major disappointment and upgrading it is a CPR priority.

Says Feder, “I look forward to redefining my old broadcast beat, while expanding the scope of my reporting to include print, the Internet and whatever else comes along. Best of all, every reader will be welcome to offer instant feedback and participate in what I hope will be a lively, ongoing dialogue about media issues.”

Here’s his entire statement.