The flyer for the Joakim Noah Appreciation Night

By now the Chicago Bulls’ lineup changes for the forthcoming season are old news, but there’s no wrong time to pay tribute to the outgoing players. Tonight future New York Knicks center Joakim Noah is the subject of a free good-bye party at Slippery Slope that features an original art auction, a Joakim Noah photo booth, and DJ sets from a few local musicians—among them new age dude Joshua Patterson (aka the Druid Beat), garage-pop wizard Paul Cherry, and electronic producer David Beltran, aka Starfoxxx, who makes mural homages to local sports figures as Bae Cutler. Beltran is also a cofounder of FeelTrip Records, whose most recent release is a compilation cassette called Permanent Vacation Vol. 1. I’m especially keen on the psychedelic jangle of “Out of Phase” by locals Cafe Racer. I’m not sure if Noah is a fan of the band, but either way I hope a DJ plays this track tonight at Slippery Slope. The Joakim Noah Appreciation Night kicks off at 10 PM.