Daniel Corchess Whirlybird

  • Daniel Corches’s “Whirlybird”

Short films, animation and music video by Chicago and midwestern women screen Tuesday 3/2 in the monthly Midwest Independent Film Festival‘s first Female Filmmakers Night.

The program: Jenni Olson’s Harvey Milk homage 575 Castro Street; Samantha Hart and Jennifer Moody’s Elizabeth and the Catapult music video Race You; Holly Todd, Sarah Schooley and Merje Veski’s Hideout-shot urban legend Oh Sh*t; Laura Heit‘s invisibility animation Look for Me; Dina Facklis’s girls basketball comedy Bring It In; Daniel Corches’s magical realist Whirlybird; Grace Phillips’s silent The Miss; Emily Haddad’s The Egg Timer; Jennifer Christopher’s horror short Skin Deep; Gwydhar and Whitney Bratton’s The Visionary; and Anna Patel’s Treeless Squirrel.